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Atop hill behind Hall 2, 1988. Left to right: Pradyumna Pandey and Ashutosh Chatterji.

Corridor of Hall 1, possibly outside Room #6, 1989. Sitting in front, left to right: Ashutosh Chatterji and V "Venky" Venkatnarayanan (Venky is no resident of Hall 1. He lived in Hall 3 but was visiting at the time). Making faces behind is Savio Carvalho.

Room #9, Hall 1, 1990, three roomies (fourth one, KK Mohapatra was apparently missing in action at the time). Left to right: Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra, Samir Kumar and Ashutosh Chatterji.

Room #9, Hall 1, 1990. Ashutosh Chatterji deep in thought over some kind of textbook. Perhaps one of five times that he was deeply in thought without falling asleep.

Room #9, Hall 1, 1990. A visit by our friendly neighbors from rooms 7 and 8. Seated from left to right: Samarjit Das and Ashutosh Chatterji. Grin behind belongs to Anupam Sharma.